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Take the day off cleansing oil & balm

I am a big makeup wearer some days I go full out drag makeup and some days I’m a minimalist. After a long day of wearing makeup all I want to do is run home and take it off. The amount of effort I spend at the start of my day executing the perfect, “wow look at your brows” and “Omg your skin is glowing” look, is the same amount of effort I put Into removing my makeup at the end of the day; to ensure the same wow factors for the next day makeup application.

When it comes to removing makeup, I like to double cleanse. Lets pause for a minute, despite what everyone believes a makeup removing wipe is not a cleanser and using it alone does not thoroughly leave your skin clean. Double cleansing is the act of cleaning your face twice with different products.

What I like to use and what I think you should add as an extra step before cleansing your face in the makeup removing process is an oil or an oil to milk cleanser to melt makeup away easily & effortlessly. Currently, I am into Clinique’s take the day off cleansing line, the oil and the cleansing balm. Note: I do not use them together

The Breakdown

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil:

What it does: The cleansing oil is meant to breakdown stubborn makeup such as waterproof mascara, eyeliner, matte lipsticks or lipstains. What I like most about it is that its lightweight, non-greasy and it leaves no oily residue behind. It’s oil free and fragrance free. Great for the eye area and perfect for all skin types even if you’re oily. How to use: squirt two pumps of the oil into the palm of hands and massage over face until it starts to breakdown makeup. Rinse and pat dry.



Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm:

What it does: The cleansing balm just like the oil is meant to breakdown the toughest of makeup. On application it goes from an oil to a milk consistency to melt away makeup. It dissolves EVERYTHING. This is great for all skin types, it’s especially ideal for those with dry sensitive skin, and for people with acne prone skin because it won’t irritate the skin. How to use: Apply into dry skin, use your fingertips and massage the product all over your face until it becomes oily, once water is applied it then becomes a milky consistency. Rinse and pat dry.


For me, I prefer the cleansing oil.


Which do you prefer? What are you using to take your makeup off? I would like to know.

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