I felt elated when I was asked to try Shaquasa Nicholls-Brown, the owner of D’Leis Confectionery cupcakes.

“D’leis Confectionery is a variation of the word deliche which is french for delight and confectionery is the art of making foods that are rich in sugar and carbohydrates, which is in essence dessert.”-Shaquasa Nicholls-Brown


Shaquasa instructed me to visit DISFORDELIGHT and out of one-hundred flavors from her custom ready-made flavors, to choose five flavors that I would like to taste. The five flavors I chose were: Revved up Red Velvet, Cotton Candy, Oh Sugar Honey Iced Tea, Candy Cane and Remixed Turtle. You would imagine that one-hundred flavors is a lot to get through, but the challenging part was narrowing it down to the flavors I liked. it took me literally close to an hour to decide on my top five flavors.


Out of those flavors, Shaquasa made fifty mini cupcakes for me to try. I was amazed at how fresh, moist and flavorful they were.


Revved Up Red Velvet


By far my favorite mainly because it’s infused with rum ;). you can literally taste the rum at first bite.


Candy Cane


Its name serves its purpose, it has a minty taste to it which was flavored with mint extract.


Cotton Candy


Im a huge fan of cotton candy, reminds me of my childhood growing up, hence whyi picked this flavor and it taste just like candy.


Remixed Turtle


This one came in as my second favorite, topped with sticky caramel and chunky walnut.


Oh Sugar Honey Iced Tea


You guessed it! I picked this one soley for its name and I wanted to know what it would taste like. and it has a slight hint of lemon.


My taste buds agree that D’leis Confectinery Cupcakes are delightful, delectable and delicious. In other words they’re so freaking GOOD! I’ve just been converted,now I’m on a mission to try all one-hundred flavours.


If you want to contact D’leis Confectionery to cater your next event please follow the links below:


instagram: @d_leisconfectionery


Photocred: Melvin Vasquez @ohsnapwtf8

Take care loves.