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Photo credit: @lovePhilosophy
Photo credit: @lovePhilosophy

Hi loves!

I would never forget purchasing my first philosophy product from sephora. The purity one step cleanser that does it all, literally. From removing makeup to deep cleaning your makeup brushes. A multitasking product that gets your face and your brushes clean. That’s one of the main aesthetics behind philosophy, their products are meant to do more than one thing.

(The above photo was taken from @LovePhilosopy Instagram)

Philosophy is a brand that promotes a live well feel good attitude. The brands mission Is to inspire woman to live, look and feel their best inwards and outwards by enhancing their natural beauty; Their words encourage women and boost self confidence.

Philosophy launched its new fragrance concept, what is your philosophy? They created these scents to represent you, who you are, how you feel, and what you believe. They are daily affirmations or reminders of what’s important to you.



I Am Grateful for the little things. I Am True to myself. I am Empowered to live fearlessly. I Give Kindness without expectation. I Am free to Express who I am. I See The world with Compassion. Who doesn’t love this? I want to wear these on a shirt or tattoo them on me so I can live and breathe these mantras. Lol, okay I’m being a little bit excessive but I love this concept.


My philosophy is I am True to myself and I Give kindness without expression. One thing that I want to work on is being more Compassionate to All things. I want to see the world with Compassion. So I won’t tattoo these affirmations on my body, I stead I will wear this scent as a reminder to myself every where I go.


Are you grateful, truthful, compassionate, empowered, giving and empowered? These scents can be worn alone or paired together. Products are available at Sephora and

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Hi loves!

Take the day off cleansing oil & balm

I am a big makeup wearer some days I go full out drag makeup and some days I’m a minimalist. After a long day of wearing makeup all I want to do is run home and take it off. The amount of effort I spend at the start of my day executing the perfect, “wow look at your brows” and “Omg your skin is glowing” look, is the same amount of effort I put Into removing my makeup at the end of the day; to ensure the same wow factors for the next day makeup application.

When it comes to removing makeup, I like to double cleanse. Lets pause for a minute, despite what everyone believes a makeup removing wipe is not a cleanser and using it alone does not thoroughly leave your skin clean. Double cleansing is the act of cleaning your face twice with different products.

What I like to use and what I think you should add as an extra step before cleansing your face in the makeup removing process is an oil or an oil to milk cleanser to melt makeup away easily & effortlessly. Currently, I am into Clinique’s take the day off cleansing line, the oil and the cleansing balm. Note: I do not use them together

The Breakdown

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil:

What it does: The cleansing oil is meant to breakdown stubborn makeup such as waterproof mascara, eyeliner, matte lipsticks or lipstains. What I like most about it is that its lightweight, non-greasy and it leaves no oily residue behind. It’s oil free and fragrance free. Great for the eye area and perfect for all skin types even if you’re oily. How to use: squirt two pumps of the oil into the palm of hands and massage over face until it starts to breakdown makeup. Rinse and pat dry.


Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm:

What it does: The cleansing balm just like the oil is meant to breakdown the toughest of makeup. On application it goes from an oil to a milk consistency to melt away makeup. It dissolves EVERYTHING. This is great for all skin types, it’s especially ideal for those with dry sensitive skin, and for people with acne prone skin because it won’t irritate the skin. How to use: Apply into dry skin, use your fingertips and massage the product all over your face until it becomes oily, once water is applied it then becomes a milky consistency. Rinse and pat dry.




For me, I prefer the cleansing oil.

Which do you prefer? What are you using to take your makeup off? I would like to know.

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You all know or should know that primers are the Barrier between your skincare and makeup. Why? Because it helps to prolong the wear of your makeup and it’s the first step before your makeup application. Primers are essential to your beauty regimen, it gives a flawless finish and smooth makeup application, it’s one of those steps that you shouldn’t skipped.

Makeup forever reformulated and repackaged their primers and introduced us to their step1 skin equalizers. they’re ten different formulas that address different skin care concerns that will balance, tone, and smooth your skin texture.


I have combo to oily skin with a little warmth around my mouth area and under my eyes. So I purchased two of skin equalizes. The nourishing primer and the radiant primer in peach, I choose the peach to brighten my skin. Initially I opt for the radiant Caramel primer but I found that it added too much warmth and left my skin red under my makeup.

Smoothing primer
Smoothing primer
Peach Primer
Radiant primer

Here is the break down of the equalizes:

These primers are suppose to address skin concerns, such as oil and shine, pores, fine lines & wrinkles, redness and dry skin.

1. Mattifying Primer: reduces shine
2. Smoothing Primer: minimizes large pores and reduces fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth application
3. Hydrating Primer: this one is great for all skin types because we all need a little hydration. It’s going to restore balance back into the skin
4. Nourishing Primer: moisturizers and comfort skin
5. Redness: neutralizes and corrects redness that is associated with rosacea


These are the primers that will balance and add brightness for all skin tones.

6. Radiant Primer Blue: adds radiance to light skin
7. Radiant Primer Pink: adds radiance light to medium skin with red undertones
8. Radiant Primer Yellow: adds radiance to light to medium skin with yellow undertones
9. Radiant Primer Peach: adds radiance to medium to tan skin and brightens deeper skin
10. Radiant Primer Caramel: adds warmth to deeper skin


Now that you know the breakdowns, the cool thing with these primers is that you can layer or customize texture and tones concerns.

1. You can apply any of the radiance primers before applying mattiyfying or smoothing primer.
2. Apply hydrating primer or nourishing primer before applying any of the radiance primers.

Have you tried any of these primers?



So It seems like the contour and highlight fad will never fade, which I am not mad at at all. They’re so many brands that are coming out with contour kits ranging from cream to powder to give you more of a natural highlight and contour to more of a sculpted look. You can check out my post on cover fx cream contour.

Ever since Makeup Forever came out with their new artist eye shadows I’ve been meaning to create a palette of some sort and I finally did just that. I put together trio of eye shadow colors for a customizable highlight and contour kit that’s fit for me. Just an FYI, you can also use eye shadows to highlight and contour


So the colors that I picked is a matte eye shadow, M636, which is a cappuccino color that can be used by itself or to set and enhance a cream contour. It’s the perfect contour color that shows up on deeper skin tones.

Make Up Forever Artist Eye Shadow M636
Make Up Forever Artist Eye Shadow M636


My second choice of color is ME728, which is a copper red metallic color that I will use as my highlight color, this color is so pretty i would say it’s almost comparable to the Becca Highlight in topaz just a bit more vibrant and looks awesome wet.

Make Up For Ever  artist Shadow in ME728
Make Up For Ever artist Shadow in ME728


My  third choice that completes my trio, is this eye shadow in I804. It’s an iridescent golden pink that I can use as my blush or mix it in with the I804 shadow to create a sick highlight.

Make Up Forever Artist Eye Shadow I804
Make Up Forever Artist Eye Shadow I804


These colors are truly amazing, and very blendable, with vivid color payoff. You can do what I did and create an a contour palette or Judt out together your favorige eye shadow colors. these can be purchase at Sephora, if you by all thre you get a discount. Each eye shadow cost $21 and the palette is $1



I was first introduced to Dr. Lipp Orignal Nipple Balm for Lips from a sample I recieved in my monthly subscription to Birchbox. I’ve been experiencing dry lips due to the frigid weather we’ve been having here in New York. Nothing I’ve used seemed to be working for me. So I was on the hunt to find something to soothe these chapped lips of mine.

I fell in love with Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips instantly. (Sidebar, I don’t know why the name and the idea of this product cracks me up). I bet you’re curious about its name right? The origin of the product came about for nursing mothers who were experiencing sore nipples from breastfeeding. Later it became popular as a multipurpose balm.

Dr. lipp Nipple Balm

It was like finding a hidden gem at the bottom of the ocean. Surprisingly, my lips felt so much better after using it. I’ve been using nipple balm every night before bed and again In the morning to prime my lips before applying lipstick especially lip-stains and matte lipsticks because those tend to be a bit drying.

Dr.Lipp Nipple Balm

I find this to be ultra hydrating, super thick and just all around great for many beauty and skin concerns. I use this to keep my brows in place, on any dry patch on my face specially around my nose area, It absorbs quickly into the skin and its non-sticky.

I went back to birchbox and purchased the full size version of it and now It’s apart of my beauty regimen.



Can we give Cover Fx a round of applause for creating a cream contour palette for us brown girls that actually works well with our undertones. I was in utter amazement by this palette when it first arrived in stores at Sephora, even before its arrival, I was in anticipation because I just knew that they were going to shut it down and kill the contour game and they did that.


Funny thing, I was complaining about not having the right perfect contour product. I didn’t want to use powders, not that I am against  them I just prefer creams. Initially, I was using Black Opal foundation stick in hazelnut but I found that it made me oily throughout the day then I switched to a deeper shade in the color walnut to contour with. As of Late, it was not giving me that oomph I craved; so I planned on switching to something deeper. Until, the makeup gods heard my cries and answered my prayers and blessed us with this beautiful contour palette that is easy to use especially with their double ended contour brush.

The contour kit comes in six global shades based on undertones, featuring four cream shades to highlight, illuminate, and contour. It also includes a step -by-step instruction card.


The six shades are:

N Medium- For medium skin with neutral undertones
G Light- For fair to medium skin with golden undertones
G Medium Deep- For medium-deep skin with golden undertones
P Light Medium- For light to medium skin with pink undertones
N Light- For fair to light skin with neutral undertones
N Deep- For deep skin with neutral undertones



Swatches from left to right: dark shade (contour) #4, medium shade #3, light shade (highlight) #2, shimmery golden shade (illuminate) #1

I have the contour kit in N Deep, and if you’re familiar with Cover Fx I would be between N100 and N110 so that shade family lands me in N Deep category. The contour palette is priced at $48 and is available at Sephora.




Wow! Look how time flies? We are already in the second month of the year, can you believe it? And it’s my birthday month, hashtag aquarius season (lol).


I love it when stores recognize the day of your birth by rewarding you with a 10% or 20% off coupon. That always warms my heart and puts a smile in my pocket. Being apart of Sephora rewards program is twice as nice with lots of perks. The membership benefits has three tiers: Beauty Insider, VIB and VIB ROUGE.

Beauty Insider is the basic tier ( no basics ova hurr lol)
Birthday Gift
Free beauty classes
Product rewards
Seasonal promotions

Very Important beauty Insider (VIB)
All BI benefits
1st dibs on new products
Seasonal VIB-ONLY gifts
Advance access to sales
Private VIB-ONLY events

VIB ROUGE ( the real MVP’s)
All BI benefits
All VIB benefits
Free shipping on orders
Unlimited access to the beauty studio
Special gifts
Private Rouge events

The best part is that it’s FREE!


So as a VIB Rouge member my birthday gift was Two of Nars popular matte lip pencils in Cruella – a deep blue red and Rikugen – a pinky nude



I hope you have started off the new year right, do not wait untilt he end of the year.

Have a great day loves!



I was anticipating the launch of Sephora + Pantone Universe color of the year Marsala and there options for lips, eyes & cheeks.

The collection consists of:

The pure matter Lip cream $18, Marsala Layering Lip Collection $28,  Shimmering Cheek Trio (two blush duo and a highlight) $28, Facets of Marsala Multi-Finish Eye Palette $39, Marsala Metal Shine Liquid Liner $18, Cooling Marsala Multi Stick $25, Bold Marsala Mascara & Brow Highlighter $20, and the Marsala Pro Angled BlushBrush # 49 (limited edition) $32

marsala eyepalette

After an hour of playing with the collection, swatching and drooling over them. I decided to purchase only two items from the collection, which are the Facets of Marsala Multi-Finish Eye Palette and the Metalshine Liquid Liner.

The Facets of Marsala Multi-Finish Eye Palette comes in 24 shades and is a palette that I can truly appreciate because of the different color options. ranging from matte to shimmer to satin.  The focal point of the palette are the reddish brown shadows with complimentary colors tha t are perfect for everyday use. The only downside I found with the palette is that it has a lot of fall-out, but nothing an eyeshadow primer cant fix.



My second purchase was the Metalshine Liquid Liner, a metallic liquid liner. And it just screamed, “buy me!” (lol) because how often do you come across a liner like this, to me, it was deemed purchase worthy.

Overall, I am very pleased with the choices I’ve made with this years collection. I absolutely love the eye shadow palette, and I see myself using it everyday. The Liquid liner I can add to my ever growing collection and pull it out when I’m feeling adventurous.

See you in the New Year Loves!


I really wanted to get into Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream, but

Yay! A BB cream for under your eyes, how cool is that? well, so I thought. I am all the way here for a BB cream or a CC cream. So when Smash-box launched their new camera ready BB cream for under your eyes, I was so excited to get my hands on it and try it out.

Boom! I got my hands on it and I thought it would be everything that I love about a BB cream, boy was I disappointed. It does everything a BB cream is suppose to do but intended for under your eyes: prime, protect, conceal, hydrate, brighten and fade dark circles. I find that it does none of these things. For One, its too drying and it gets caky and collects in the creases under my eyes as the day goes on (even when I set it with a powder). It doesn’t last long and it didn’t enhance or illuminate under my eye. If you have severe dark under eye circles or puffiness this product is not for you. overall, this product is just okay not great and I’m looking for great.

Current Obsession: Cover Fx CC Cream

imageIf you’re anything like me, you have great skin ;-). So, there’s really no need for an excessive amount of foundation, right? Don’t get me wrong I still love a good beat. However, less is more for me when it comes to coverage, everything else is secondary.

I was never a big fan of foundation, the thought of wearing it terrified me. I naturally gravitated towards a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream (see bb cream review here) because of its light-weight texture, I was such a little novice.

Then, I graduated to foundation because I wanted a flawless finish which I loved, but after a while I got a little tired of wearing a full face of make-up. Then CC creams happened. At first, I was never impressed by them, I didn’t see the need for more alphabet creams.


I found out that CC creams perform the same as a BB cream except that it does a little bit more. A CC cream is going to color correct any hyper-pigmentation, discoloration, or dark spots. I don’t have discoloration, I do get breakouts on my chin area that leave behind dark spots (grrr) that I don’t want to cover up, rather rid my face of all traces of it. CC cream since it has vitamin c will attack the dark spots preventing future marks.

imageCover Fx makes great CC creams that won’t leave you ashy It blends right into the skin which I like and a little bit goes along way. It has kaolin clay, so if you’re combo-oily like me it’ll absorb oil. The cool thing about Cover Fx it has built in time release benefits that will stimulate cell renewal continuously throughout the day.

Cover Fx CC Cream is $45 and you can find it at any Sephora

Smashbox Beauty Balm


Lately, I feel guilty of being more of a follower than a leader. There has been so much hoopla over the new BB creams that just hit the scene in the states, and as much as I’ve refused to follow the flock, I finally caved. I couldn’t help it!. I was, and still am, a big fan of smashbox tinted moisturizer. Once I like something, I really like it. I’ve been looking for a product that gives me the same results as the tinted moisturizer, but a bit heavier; a  product that did not require the  use of a foundation. And that’s exactly what I’ve found with the Smashbox BB cream. It primes, moisturizes, protects, perfects, and controls oil ( a major plus for me). The BB cream gives just the right amount of coverage that I need.


 These are some my new favorite make-up pieces that I’ve added to my collection =).

 Smashbox BB Cream

Make up forever Professional HD translucent powder

Stila smudge crayon pencil




Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing protective Oil

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark spot Solution

Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum

Eye Rock Designer Liner

Super smile Powdered Mouthwash



Kerastase Elixir Ultime

Essie Luxeffects Nail Polish

Annick Goutal Petite Cherie

FRESH Sugar Rose Lip Treatment

Jewelry Crave + My New Hair Color


Necklace: Aldo Accessories