Yay! it’s my Birthday!

I turn 28 today! Wow, I am getting up there in age. Nonetheless, I am truly blessed to see another year. I believe that every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new. I am coming to terms with my age, I’ve accepted the fact that getting older is a beautiful thing and kind of a big deal. I have learned a lot and I am still learning about the woman I am becoming. I am grateful for all the lessons that I’ve learned, the knowledge I’ve acquired and the experiences that have helped to shape who I am today.


I thought It would be fun to do a photoshoot for my big day. A reminder to not take life and myself too seriously, to remember that life Is a journey, laugh more and have fun. That is exactly what this shoot was all about for me. And what better way to bring out my fun and girly side in a tutu and balloons.


I had so much fun shooting with Melvin, laughing and stuffing our faces with cheesy bread and some D’leis Confectionery cupcakes.


For my 28th birthday I decided to take a trip to some place warm. I am currently here in St.Lucia relaxing and enjoying the island.


Tank: H&M

Tutu: Necessary Cloting

Shoes: Shoedazzle

Neckalce: ALdo


Photocred: Melvin Vasquez @ohsnapwtf8

Talk to you later loves!