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    Yes! It’s about time that I organize some of my Jewelry starting with my big statement pieces- my necklaces. Working in a accessories store I’ve accumulated a lot of jewelry that is now spilling over in my Jewelry case. I got the idea from, Wendyslookbook while I was on youtube. I thought It was such a creative and neat way to stay organize, and to keep your Jewelry from tarnishing. Thanks Wendy =).


  ~Bag: Forever21~   Shout out to my cousin Nickisha for my unexpected, yet awesome christmas gift. It’s the last Friday of the year * Bap Bap* And as I wrtie this post I cannot help but reflect on the roller coaster of a year I had.  I became a born again christian (a life changing experience). A lot of friendships were killed and A few new ones were born (which I’m very thankful for). Cheers to the people who are still here with me, see you next year. Thank You 2011 for the ride.


 ~Bag: Aldo~ I could not resist the temptation of this bag, look how cute it is. maybe it’s the star-shaped look that got me I don’t know, but either way it’s a fly bag and I cannot wait to Jazz up my outfits with this baby… oh yeaaa